Things to know

What to Wear
For safety reasons we ask that all gymnasts wear leotards or close fitting T-shirts and shorts.  Hair should be tied up.  It is easier for the coaches to ‘spot’ a gymnast and for the gymnast to see what they are doing when they are wearing the appropriate clothing.  We have a range of Maddi Creations Gymnastic Leotards & Shorts available to buy.  Club T-shirts made of organic stretch cotton are also available for purchase ($25).  Send an email to if you are interested in purchasing a leotard, shorts or Club T-shirt.


Equipment is required to be set-up and put away at every recreational and competitive session.  As club members, all caregivers and gymnasts are needed to help set-up and/or take down equipment.


We ask caregivers to please keep children off the equipment unless they are under the supervision of our coaches.

Internet Banking

Internet banking payments can be made into the Onslow Gymnastic Club bank account:  Kiwibank  38-9009-0399549-00