About Us

Gymnastics is a great way to develop co-ordination, strength and flexibility.  A variety of different movement patterns are used including spring, rotation, swing, landing, support and balance.

Participation in gymnastics builds self-confidence, forms friendships and provides an excellent foundation for other sport.

Our Wednesday Junior and Intermediate Gym-for-All classes are held at Khandallah School Hall.  Our other Gym-for-All, Competitive Gymnastics and TeamGym classes are held at Onslow College Rec Centre in Johnsonville.

50 Years

Onslow Gymnastic Club was started in 1973 by a group of parents who wanted to create a family-friendly gymnastic club.  Our dedicated group of coaches all have expertise in gymnastics.  Our student coaches train under the guidance of our experienced coaches to give our gymnasts extra attention.  The club is a not-for-profit organisation affiliated to Gymnastics New Zealand run by a voluntary committee of parents.

Our Fantastic Coaches & Student Coaches

Francie Morrow: Onslow Gymnastic Club Head Coach

Competitive Gym
Kate Brown, Diane Fraser, Alexia Lazou, Francie Morrow, Jessica Reid, Imogen Rice,

Zoe Tatham, Anna Elliott, Penny Hogg, Emma Maitland

Emma Maitland, Ellen Hammond

Recreational Classes (Gym-for-All)
Deanna Sorrell, Ellen Hammond, Emma Maitland, Emily Reid, Zoe Tatham, Devon Cook, Anna Elliott

Our Committee

President: Liz Kemp

Coach Representative: Francie Morrow

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Penny Hogg

Coach Liaison: Emma Mills

Grants: Bindy Tatham

School Liaison: Donna Maher

Competition Coordinator: Penny Hogg

Enrolments Coordinator: Erin Coulter

Fundraising: Vacant
To get in touch with any of the committee members, please email onslowgym@xtra.co.nz.